Elene Nedelchak

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Elene Nedelchak

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45 m2

One room
Apartment "Pearl"

This apartment - truly the jewel of our residential complex. It has everything you need to stay successful young man or a young family - a perfectly structured area, beautiful views and maximum comfort.

Individual heating system
Air conditioners in each room and the kitchen

Extraordinary One-room apartment

Вам набридли типові планування? Ви прагнете виділятись у всьому? Ця квартира тільки підкреслить вашу особистість. Це місце натхнення і свободи.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows from famous manufacturer, environmental, breathable and at the same time energy-efficient


easily accommodate all your favorite kitchen gadgets, ideal for culinary experimentation.


wich perfectly plays the role of creative room, bedroom and lounge.


so elegant that it does not actually want to leave.


size is more like a cozy separate room, where you can easily place a everything you need.

Modern planning

Planning that will change your idea of a studio apartment. At the first visit you'll understand why we call it "apartments".

Each room here - a perfect symbiosis of space and functionality.

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Elene Nedelchak

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