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Elite apartments from 16 400 UAH/sq.m

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Elite apartments from 16 400 UAH/sq.m

RC “HydroPark DeLuxe”: perfection in every detail

Every morning, drinking fragrant coffee, enjoy the view of the calm and majestic lake, the rustle of leaves on trees and the singing of birds… Do you think that you need to go around the world from Ivano-Frankivsk? And here it is not!

It is only worthwhile to buy an apartment in HydroPark DeLuxe, a residential complex of the elite class from the construction company Vertikal, located near the park, on the shore of the picturesque city lake – and your dream will become a reality.

Now we offer a profitable price for a home that will become your true pride – from 16400 UAH per 1 sq. M.

7 features in the RC “HydroPark DeLuxe”, which will surely please you

  1. The use of not only high-quality, but elite building materials, which guarantees you the highest standard of living. No unpleasant surprises! Be certain: the choice of accommodation from the construction company “Vertical” – the right decision.
  2. Insulated facades. For this purpose mineral wool and foam polystyrene slabs are used. The thickness of the heater is 20 cm. So, we took care of the warmth in the apartment, and you have to take care of the warmth in the hearts of your relatives.
  3. Closed area, which will add comfort and savor from uninvited guests. No surprises! Concierge zone and video surveillance will allow you to feel confidently and in complete safety on the territory of the residential complex. You will always know about the arrival of guests, delivery of pizza or the arrival of a doctor.
  4. Wide stairwells with fire-fighting equipment – an indispensable sign of a responsible, modern developer. And we are confidently going that way.
  5. Comfortable elevators, accommodating 13 people (up to 1000 kg), you will definitely appreciate when you are raised by the whole family in an apartment or with a company of friends.
  6. Underground parking is a guarantee that car owners will not have to worry about maintaining their property, and the territory of the residential complex will not be overloaded with vehicles.
  7. You will get exactly the home you have always dreamed about, because we offer a large selection of spacious apartments of different planning, including views – with panoramic windows and incredible views. If you want to try yourself and yourself as a designer, then rebuilding a home will not be a problem.

But in addition to these advantages, RC “HydroPark DeLuxe” and a number of features that add to it even more vivid individuality.

5 things in the RC “HydroPark DeLuxe”, which make it truly special

  1. Japanese gardens and a fountain. If you are a true connoisseur of oriental beauty, its exquisite and laconic forms, which are manifested even in gardening, then you will surely fall in love with the green plantations of RC “HydroPark DeLuxe”.
  2. Bicycle parking will create additional comfort for all owners of two-wheeled “iron horses”. Let nothing undermine your desire for a healthy lifestyle, environmental protection and mobility!
  3. Night lighting of the facades of buildings and territories is another reason to buy an apartment in the new “HydroPark DeLuxe”. Romantic walks, emotional conversations and sincere feelings in this atmosphere are simply guaranteed!
  4. Direct connection of elevators with underground parking. Have you always dreamed that in the morning when you leave home, no droplet of rain, a snowflake or a gust of wind did not spoil your hairstyle and did not spoil your shoes? Then that’s exactly what you need.
  5. French balconies made of laminated glass and stainless steel are specially designed for a leisurely morning coffee, admiring landscapes and light reflections.

So, if you want not just to buy an apartment in Ivano-Frankivsk, but to buy elite dwelling in one of its most beautiful corners, where everything is thought out to the details for your comfort and pleasure – welcome to the sales department of RC “HydroPark DeLuxe”.

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