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-15% for apartments! Start of construction of the III stage

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-15% for apartments! Start of construction of the III stage

The magnificent and luxurious HydroPark DeLuxe – a house made of glass and concrete just in the heart of Ivano-Frankivsk, near the quiet lake and the cosiness of the park.

He enchants and attracts a look, he wants to touch, feel the skin tenderness and strength of his walls, get inside and stay there forever.

HydroPark DeLuxe is a house everyone dreams of, but not everyone can afford to live here and call it his home. But those who have chosen it for themselves – will always be proud of this choice.

Closed outside eyesight area with round-the-clock video surveillance, underground parking, connected with an elevator, which without stops will take you right to the right floor, concierge zone – all this in order to preserve the privacy of your life. And at the same time it will be painted with bright landscapes from windows and terraces, a lounge area on the roof for relaxation and communion, elegant French balconies and a designer interior courtyard landscape decorated in the style of a Japanese garden. After all, in your life everything should be only the highest grade, is not it?

We are happy to announce that starting April 2019 begins the construction of the third queue of a complex of luxury apartments near the lake. In honor of this event, we will donate -15% for the purchase of a dwelling that will not only become your fortress but also emphasize the status and capabilities of its owner. The incredible price – from 14500 UAH/m² – for those who wanted to buy an apartment in HydroPark DeLuxe, but for some reason, doubted. Now for doubt there will be no place. Come and take your own.

We are waiting for you at sales departments at addresses of street. Mazepa, 142a and the street. Ivasyuka, 82.
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