Зворотній дзвінок

Take advantage of the promotion

One-room apartment

It has everything you need to live a successful young person or family - a perfectly structured area, wonderful views and maximum comfort.

Are you tired of typical planning? Do you want to stand out in everything? This apartment will only emphasize your personality. This is a place of inspiration and freedom.


15,4 m²

easily put all your favorite kitchen gadgets, ideal for culinary experiments

Living room

19,1 m²

harmoniously performs the role of the creative office, bedrooms and rooms for rest


6,7 m²

so elegant, that she really does not want to leave


10,1 m²

in size is more like a separate cozy room, here you can easily put everything you need

Apartment planning

Contemporary planning that overestimate your idea of an apartment. At the first visit you will understand why we call it "apartments"